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At Home Quality Care is guided by a tradition of personal, clinical, and technological excellence. Our mission is to provide quality home healthcare services in the community with positive outcomes and a high level of customer satisfaction by satisfied employees.


  • “Our family used At Home Quality Care on several occasions to do follow-up care for our parents. They went above and beyond. The world could use more angels like their staff!”

    – Patricia

  • “My mother was under the care of At Home Quality Care after two surgeries. She received the finest care, administered with genuine care and respect.”

    – Joyce

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Clinical Excellence

Our services are provided in the home of our clients by our team of home care specialists. Our dedicated professionals are experienced in home health care. Our desire is for our patients to achieve the best level of health possible. We strongly believe that home is the best place for this to be achieved.

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Dedicated Support Staff

Our office personnel have your best interests at heart. Together with those who care for you in your home, we offer strong community relationships, guidance for managing medical costs, and a community presence by our liaisons.

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At Home Quality Care was originally founded in Morris, Illinois in 1983. Over the years, we have expanded and now provide home health care services in Chicago, Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Houston metro areas.

We have a seasoned executive management team with over sixty years of collective industry experience. We deliver outstanding customer satisfaction and outcomes because of our excellent clinical capabilities and dedicated team members. We are members of National Association of Homecare and Hospice, Illinois Homecare and Hospice Council (IHHC), Texas Association of Homecare & Hospice and the Indiana Association for Home and Hospice Care. We are accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) in Texas.


How can I get a referral for home health care?

Talk to your primary care physician about whether home health care is the best option for you. If your doctor determines that you are eligible and in need, they will write, order, and coordinate care with us.

What is the difference between private duty and home health?
Private duty generally refers to non-medical caregivers who assist with activities of daily living such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Home health refers to skilled nursing and home rehabilitation.
Will my insurance pay for home health services?

Home health services are fully covered by Medicare and by most commercial insurance plans. Our reimbursement specialists can help you determine coverage.

To find out if you are eligible for Medicare home health care services, read the free publication Medicare and Home Health Care (Publication No. CMS-10969), available at

How long will I receive home health services?
Medicare and most commercial insurances will initially certify home health services for a period of up to sixty days. Should additional or new services be required after the initial sixty day certification, a new order or recertification will be submitted.
Who needs home health care?
  • Patients with recent hospital/rehab discharges
  • Patients with a new diagnosis
  • People with chronic medical conditions – Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, COPD, etc.
  • Patients with a recent fall or mobility issue
  • Homebound patients
What does it mean to be homebound?

Homebound means that you have an inability to leave your home or that it takes a considerable and taxing effort to leave home. Absences from the home must be infrequent or for a very short period of time, for example, leaving your home for medical care. Time away from home should not last longer than one to two hours or occur more often than one to two times per week, such as attending a place of worship. In general, you are homebound if you have an illness or injury, which restricts your ability to leave home unless you have help.

Examples would be if you need special transportation or help from another person to leave your home.
If you leave your home and if the absences are long and frequent, such as frequent shopping trips or visits to friends, you are not deemed homebound. When you are able to leave your home on a regular basis, Medicare expects that any medical care you require will be provided in an outpatient setting.