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Preventing Wound Infections In Seniors


Seniors are susceptible to wound infections due to weaker immune systems. As their primary caregiver, it is your responsibility to keep them safe from infection-causing bacteria as best as you can.

Not to worry, AT HOME QUALITY CARE is here to give out a few handy tips that you can use as a reference.

  • Wash your hands

    We’re sure you’ve heard enough of this memo thanks to the pandemic, but it’s something we easily forget to do.

    Washing your hands before you administer care to a wounded patient is the first step toward proper first-aid care. Even experienced caregivers at our Home Health Care Services in Northwest Indiana do that before interacting with elderly patients.

  • Use gloves

    Use clean gloves when dealing with open wounds in seniors. By using your bare hands, you are putting your senior at risk of contracting wound infections.

    Our Home Health Care Services in Chicago, Illinois provides all of our caregivers sets of clean gloves that they can use when performing first-aid care to their elderly patients.

  • Change the dressing regularly

    Because your loved one is at a higher risk for wound infections, changing the wound dressing regularly is a big must.

Experts at our Home Health Care Services in Houston, Texas suggest changing the wound dressing at least once a day or as long as your loved one’s doctor recommends.

These were some of our best tips t keeping your loved one safe from wound infections. Learn more about senior care and how Home Health Care Services in Morris, Illinois improve a senior’s quality of life, call us at 773-685-9025.

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