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Services Available for U.S. Home Health Care Patients


Health is wealth. We couldn’t agree more with this saying. Having good health enables us to do the things we love and enjoy that contribute to better life satisfaction which the healthcare professionals, such as those at home health care services in Northwest Indiana, help us to accomplish. However, there are instances when we experience various illnesses that threaten our health and affect our capacity to achieve our full potential. Fortunately for home healthcare patients in the U.S., there are services available to recuperate from disease or reclaim one’s overall health, such as the following:

  • Medicare Home Health Benefit
    The Medicare home health benefit includes skilled nursing care and various therapy services given to patients in the comfort of their homes through various healthcare providers like the home health care services in Morris, Illinois. To enjoy this benefit, one needs to be cared for by a doctor, fall within the definition of “homebound” and require skilled services periodically. A patient can receive home health care after an acute care discharge from the hospital or because they need particular rehabilitation services. The services available include those provided by physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and medical social workers. It also includes personal care provided by home health aides and those who also need skilled services.
  • Medicaid Home Health Benefit
    The Medicaid Home Health benefit differs from state to state but normally has a wider scope, compared to the Medicare benefit, and usually gives a mix of highly-skilled medical care as well as personal care services similar to the home health care services in Houston, Texas. States have to offer home health services as well as transportation to care. Different services are provided depending on the provisions per state. Among these services include private duty nursing, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, pediatric care, case management, and personal care.
  • Veterans Administration Home Health Care
    There are many kinds of home health services that veterans can avail of. First is the skilled home health care services, which refer to short-term services, such as nursing care, social work support, and therapy visits that one can receive from home health agencies. Second is home-based primary care which is intended for veterans with complex health requirements like multiple chronic illnesses. Among the services included are primary care visits in the home, mental health services, and case management services. The third is the homemaker and home health aide care which refer to the care given to veterans to aid them in doing activities of daily living.

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