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Speech Therapy Myths We Need to Discuss


Speech therapy is recommended not just for patients with speech impairments and communication challenges, but also for those who have difficulty swallowing, chewing, and other similar conditions. To aid this need, AT HOME QUALITY CARE offers speech therapy services as part of its home health care services in Houston, Texas.

This treatment assists numerous people in living their lives as normally and comfortably as possible. Here are some of the most popular myths regarding speech therapy, as well as reasons why you should learn more about it.

Does speech therapy focus solely on communication?

Not necessarily. Speech therapists assist patients who are experiencing difficulties with their speech, language, social and cognitive communication, and swallowing. It aids in the treatment of illnesses such as aphasia, craniofacial problems such as cleft palate, developmental disorders such as particular language difficulty, autism, and others.

Is speech therapy only available to kids?

Speech therapy meets the needs of people of all ages and is often offered as part of home health care services in Northwest Indiana. Speech therapy, for example, will be used for adults who have suffered a brain injury that prevents them from speaking properly.

In general, speech therapy intends to offer solutions such as:

  • Reducing cognitive delays and reducing delays in expressive language
  • Hearing rehabilitation and therapy for auditory processing disorder
  • Training for adaptive speech devices
  • Learning disabilities assessment and recommendation
  • Eating and swallowing techniques

Speech therapy is available at our home health care services in Chicago, Illinois.

For inquiries, contact our home health care services in Morris, Illinois, so that we can assist you!

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