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The Best Tips for Storing Medications


If medications are not stored properly, they may not be as effective or may not work as intended. Aside from this, exposure to air, moisture, light, humidity, and extreme temperatures may cause them to become toxic or expire early.

As one of the leading providers of home health care services in Northwest Indiana, we have helped countless clients store their medications properly. Allow us to share our expert tips on how you can do so as well.

Most manufacturers guarantee a medicine’s effectiveness when it is stored at 68° to 77°. Usually, temperatures lower than 58° and higher than 86° can cause the medications to degrade slowly. Some medications, such as unopened insulin, biologics, and other injectables, need to be refrigerated. Most oral medications are sensitive to moisture and light but are fine at room temperature. We recommend you ask your doctor or pharmacist about storage instructions specific to your medications.

Many households have medicine cabinets in their bathrooms that double up as their mirror. You may have seen it in movies too, but did you know that bathrooms are not great places to store medications? This is because of its high humidity and heat. You can, however, keep them in your kitchen cabinet. Just make sure that it is far from hot kitchen appliances. Another great option is in your bedroom dresser, preferably with a lock so children can’t open it.

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