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Elderly Care: Tips to Manage Medications


Medications play a critical role in maintaining good health, especially for people with medical conditions. For older adults, taking the right meds could mean life or death. Sounds scary, but around 125,000 Americans of all ages die every year due to medication non-adherence. This is why many families resort to home health care services in Chicago, Illinois, to ensure their senior loved ones adhere to their prescribed medications.

We at AT HOME QUALITY CARE, a trusted brand in home health care services in Morris, Illinois, provide tips to our clients on how to improve medication adherence. Here are some:

  • Build a Routine
    Whether your bedtime or morning routine, you can take medications during your normal daily activities. This subconsciously associates your meds intake with your regular body clock.
  • Set a Reminder
    Perhaps the most practical, you can utilize a device to remind you when to take your pills. The most common tools people use are alarm clocks, digital wristwatches, and mobile apps.
  • Label Your Medicine Bottles
    This will allow you to sort your medicines better, helping you take the right meds.
  • Hire a Caregiver
    A trained caregiver provides all-inclusive home health care services in Houston, Texas. From medication intake assistance to personal care, you can rely on your carer to oversee your well-being.

Don’t let age-related challenges get in the way of your quality of life. Our home health care services in Northwest Indiana offer a range of programs designed with your needs in mind! Leave us a message here for more details.

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