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Proven Tips to Reduce the Risks of Senior Falls


Around 64 per 100,000 older adults die from falls, according to the CDC. As a family member, what can you do to help your elderly loved ones? Our home health care services in Northwest Indiana provide detailed education to our clients on how to prevent in-home elderly falls. Furthermore, we may also oversee their loved ones should they need us to.

AT HOME QUALITY CARE, a reliable provider of home health care services in Chicago, Illinois, gives some evidence-based tips to reduce the risks of falls:

  • Physical Activity
    Surprisingly, you may wonder, “Why would I encourage my senior loved ones to do more physical activities when they might fall at any time?” Hear me out: strength and balance training and exercises are good to improve muscle strength and body coordination, thus reducing the chances of falling.
  • Use Medical Devices
    Some assistive devices are designed for seniors at home, such as walkers and canes. You can seek help from our home health care services in Morris, Illinois, if you need more resources or referrals to find the right equipment.
  • Modify the Home
    Make sure the home is well-lit and install safety bars for the elderly to grab onto the stairs or the bathroom. Remove floor hazards and use non-slip mats instead.
  • Hire a Dependable Caregiver
    If you have enough finances, you can tap on care providers to oversee your loved ones 24/7. This will give you not only peace of mind but also assurance that your seniors are well taken care of all the time.

If you need quality home health care services in Houston, Texas, Illinois, and Indiana, you’ve come to the right place. Reach us today to book an appointment!

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