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Facts about Physical Therapy Many People Get Wrong


At AT HOME QUALITY CARE, physical therapy is one of our most valuable home health care services in Chicago, Illinois and other areas we serve. It greatly benefits seniors who need help recovering their physical competence. As physical therapist Abby Bales, DPT, from Reform Physical Therapy in New York states, it prevents seniors from losing strength and mobility, keeps them active, and ensures their safety and independence at home.

Yet, many people still misunderstand what it is and how it is helpful. To promote its benefits, your trusted provider of home health care services in Morris, Illinois would like to analyze some of the common misconceptions about physical therapy.

  • Physical therapy is painful.
    To be fair, we know that, as an expert in home health care services in Houston, Texas, personal experience with care services varies for all. This includes physical therapy. Yet research suggests that most people who think physical therapy causes serious pain have not visited a physical therapist. The typical program works within your pain and discomfort threshold, so while it can be difficult, you won’t always find it an excruciating ordeal.
  • It only adds to my expenses.
    All sorts of ancillary care may feel like this in the beginning. But research suggests otherwise. Those who undergo physical therapy are more likely to avoid comorbidities that would otherwise incur huge costs.
  • Only those who experienced injuries or accidents need it.
    This is true for many. But physical therapy is also recommended for patients who are recovering from surgery or transitioning back home. It ensures that patients regain their capacity for physical independence, ensuring their quality of life is retained.

Learn more about physical therapy by talking to a reliable source of home health care services in Northwest Indiana today.

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